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Giving at TRC

An exciting way for you to Love God and Love People is to financially support the various activities of The River Church. There are three ways for you to give at The River. Thank you for helping us move forward in Loving God and Loving People.


Sundays at TRC

You can use the buckets in the lobby to give.

Mail a Check to:

The River Church

PO Box 277

Merryville, LA 70653


Online Giving with



You can now give to TRC online through Venmo!


Create your Venmo account online by following the steps below: (Note: These steps were done on a desktop, not through a phone.)

  1. Go to and create a Venmo account. 

  2. Once your account is created, click the "Settings" tab at the top-right of the Venmo home page. 

  3. Click the "Payment Methods" button on the left, then click "Edit Payment Methods"

  4. You now have the option to link your bank account or add a debit or credit card. (**Note: There is no charge for using a bank account or debit card, so we recommend using either of those.)

Next, follow these steps to add TRC as a friend: ​​

  1. Use the "Search People" search bar at the top-left of the page and search for The River Church. 

  2. Find The River Church in the search results (yourriverchurch) and click on our name to go to our Venmo page. (You can also use the "Add Friend" button on this page to reach this step more quickly next time.)


If you already have a Venmo account

In order to give through Venmo, you must be download the Venmo app and sign in. 

Once you are signed in to your app, 

  1. Click the top left button with with three lines:

  2. Click "Search People" and search for @yourriverchurch.

  3. Click "Add Friend" to find TRC more quickly next time (if you haven't already done so.) 

  4. To give to TRC, click "Pay or Request."

  5. Type in the dollar amount as well as a note such as Regular OfferingWednesday Night Meals, T-Shirts, etc.

  6. Click the "Pay" button & you're done!  

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